Blackjack Tricks for newbies and pros

If chess got the title of “game of kings”, then blackjack did not bother with such a high title. However, this does not prevent this from confidently occupying the position of one of the most popular games in the modern world.

Just remember that no book, article or story can replace your practice, and you will have to reach the pinnacles of success by your own trial and error but our blackjack tricks will make it easier for you to beat the dealer.

Tips for Beginners

The more practice, the better. Play blackjack in demo mode, which will save you from unnecessary expenses. You need to play until you feel like a recognized master and a potential winner of a gambling house. When you have such confidence, play as much before moving on to the game for money. There can be nothing worse than thoughtless bets among beginners. Only after that, you start playing a tournament.

New players are advised to play with the blackjack strategy table before their eyes. Rely on this table and follow its prompts. Tricks to blackjack start from this table. That table contains certain probabilities of winning with one or another card layout at you and the dealer.

A card can be taken only if your combination gives less than seventeen, and the dealer has 8.9, or a ten-point card. If in total you have more than 11 points, and the dealer’s open card is 4, 5 or 6, it is better to refrain from another card. The dealer will take the card and in 40% of cases, he will have a bust.

Win-Win Strategies for Advanced Players

One of the main advantages that a player has over a casino is doubling. We recommend following blackjack tips and tricks to you:

  • double your hand with a 10-point card if the dealer has 9 or fewer points. Please note that some casinos prohibit double nines and double the “soft hand” (the one with the ace) against the dealer’s 4, 5, or 6 cards.
  • if the dealer gave you 2 identical cards (you have a pair), then you can split them in half. In this case, you will double the initial bet. However, splitting the ten into two fives is strongly discouraged if the dealer’s card has a similar value or lower. Split twos and threes when the dealer has 4, 5, or 6 and always split the aces.
  • If the game session is successful – raise bets, and if the card does not go – it makes sense to abandon the game or make every effort to minimize the losing streak.

Also, you can apply the blackjack tricks to win called”1-3-2-6″. It is based on an increase in bets with a successful outcome in the sequence indicated above. Winning the first time, you increase the bet three times, then after the next victory – twice, and finally, after another good luck – six times. But every failure should return the player to the original bet amount.

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